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1. Service your transmission every 15-20k miles. Transmission fluid breaks down in time, due to use...just like engine fluid.
2. If it's acting up - STOP DRIVING IT! A minor problem will become a major expense. Let us check it out for FREE!
3. Get your vehicle to someone who specializes in Transmissions.
4. If it leaks, hestitates, lurches, shifts funny, slams into gear or won't go above 30 mph - bring it in - Let us check it out for FREE!
5. There are no stupid questions, if we can help you, let us know.

Why can't you tell me what it's going to cost to fix my transmission without taking it apart first?

Here's a sampling of what's in your transmission - now which part do you want us to replace?
Just getting to the parts you need - to find out what's wrong, often calls for major surgery. We can't be sure of what's wrong with your transmission until we take a look inside.





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**According to BAR Statistics