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Flushing a Transmission
Should I flush my transmission? We get asked that question all the time.

Excellent question! There is a good way to flush a transmission and a bad way to flush. If someone flushes your transmission by hooking up a hose to one side and another hose to the other side and flushing your fluid through your transmission -- you could be flushing a lot of bad things through your system. This can cause a transmission to stop working.

1st - They are selling new machines that perform flushes. Everyone seems to be selling this new service. We don't recommend it. Our technicians that work on transmissions everyday, as a general rule, would never flush their own transmission. That should tell you something.

2nd - This is how we would perform a flush: 1st we drop your pan,
2nd wipe it clean, 3rd clean the magnet, 4th let all the old fluid drain
out before we flush it. Your fluid is one of the ways to keep you informed of what is happening inside your transmission. If you're experiencing a problem and you flush out all the fluid, without inspecting the pan FIRST you will have no idea -- if this is the beginning of a problem that could have been solved with a minor repair.

3rd - We have seen vehicles come in after being 'flushed' that now have transmission problems. The flush did not cause the transmission to fail but it may have sped the process along because it pushed particles back through the system.

4th - Transmissions are very intricate. It's very technical - like brain surgery. Make sure the technician that is working, servicing or touching your transmission is certified to do so. If a mistake is made and your fluid leaks out it could burn up your transmission. If you have a leak, bring it in to get it checked immediately. Catching a transmission problem early is the first step toward lowering your repair bill.

5th - There are no stupid questions. We try to educate you on your transmission and how to lengthen it's life. If we can help you out please give us a call.

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