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Diagnosing a Transmission
What's involved?


1st - LISTEN. We listen to you! We want to find out exactly what it's doing (or not doing). Noises, lurching, leaks, hesitating, etc.

2nd - DIAGNOSE. Comprehensive diagnosis includes: test drive, fluid check, minor adjustment diagnosis, and recommended pan examinations.

3rd - SCAN. Computer scan for codes. (if applicable).

4th - ISOLATE. Once the problem is isolated, we give you an exact diagnosis and estimate for repair.

5th - INSPECT. Internal inspection - If your transmission's problem is internal, it must be taken out, taken apart & inspected before we recommend any repairs at all. That way, we can find out exactly which internal parts are worn or damaged.

How Does it Work?

The automatic transmission in your car is a complex assembly of close tolerance parts and sensitive rubber seals that are required to operate under a great deal of heat, pressure and stress.

These parts, often spinning within thousands of an inch of one another, are lubricated, cooled and applied by your transmission fluid.

Your transmission filter has the vitally important job of removing debris from your fluid before it's re-circulated into your transmission doing costly damage.

These particles of friction material and metal fragments can damage costly components and destroy the critically important internal pressure seals. This can often cause a good working transmission to fail in a very short period of time.

A regular transmission fluid change with a new transmission filter is not only a good investment, but it's one of the least expensive ways of protecting your valuable transmissions.

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